Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I was letting my little brother play this game and wondered how he had over $10,000 in only a couple days. Turns out my massive probability formula had a huge bug in the pricing portion of it. I am working on a fix right now (as well as multitasking with finals, ffocal.com, Christmas needs, and personal entertainment needs), but this shouldn't flip the whole project upside-down too much. I decided, why not make this game a little more about maintaining regular customers. So that the same ~200 people will always be walking past your lemonade stand. Perhaps some only walk by on certain days. I asked myself, "Self... what is the best way to do this?" And of course I told myself that a Person class is just what I need. Using a Person object, I can use an array of Persons and each Person can have a name, satisfaction level, amount of money in his/her wallet, a gender, preference for recipe,  schedule, and patience level. Not only does this sound like an amazing idea, but it might actually work! Also, when I eventually get the updates working, it will allow upgrades to work within the people themselves by making people more likely to buy internally (for example, "rewards card" "higher patience", "salary bonus"). Also, it will make it easier when I finally convert it to 2d graphics, or if I'm feeling especially self-confident, 3d graphics. We'll see when you actually get it. Happy Holidays!

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