Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Release 1.02

Download 1.02 Here
Release Notes:
  • single of the hundred(s) of fancy getters used for versioning in the About Box
  • changed the amount of customers to not increase dramatically per day
  • save and load functions using JFileChooser
  • added class "RestrictedFileChooser.java" (for use with JFileChooser)
  • added class "upgradeParser.java" (for use with upcoming updates)
  • fixed menubar, got rid of the layeredPane, and changed designed components to absolute placements (this step was possibly more trouble than it was worth)
  • I included in this download a shortcut: NOTE: YOU MUST CHANGE THE TARGET FOR IT TO BE USEFUL, I was hoping that it could be used so that you can stick the .jar and documentation in a folder hidden off somewhere and the shortcut be placed on the desktop or start menu, and if you know how to do that then great, but it must be targetted at the .jar file

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