Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 1

2156 .:. The number of lines in this project after one day of writing any code.

Today was spent mainly declaring, naming, and setting values to variables - which there are a lot of in this project. However I myself only physically made about 70 lines max. 600 were automatically generated for the UI. And the remaining were accidentally created when NetBeans asked me to fix something and I accepted without reading. Oops. Well now I have fabulous getters and setters for every single variable, including textfields, buttons, and MenuItems... oh yeah that's the other thing, I somehow lost my Menu... It was there, but now it isn't :[
We'll see if we can find it prior to release, which is expected for FRIDAY, the 7th.
So among todays accomplishments, the purchase screen is being set up. Now the choices from the JComboBox affects the amount and price, so next is the buy button.

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