Sunday, October 23, 2011

1.03 sneakpeak

due to a lack of motivation this won't be released until I work up the patience necessary to get all the included upgrades working correctly and save/load-able, sorry :[


I expect the release to be within the next two days (sorry for the delay, in my defense I technically was a week ahead of myself)
Here is the expected new interface which helps make it much less crowded, allows for a place for upgrades, and will warm you up for future changes:

Friday, October 21, 2011


This update will allow for upgrades and any end user may make their own upgrades in addition to the 10 premade by editing the XML file and adding the necessary fields, I'm trying to make this as little brutal as possible so making upgrades is easy but that process in itself is a long one, the update is not quite finished and I will release as soon as its done.
On a side note, I've been having trouble with netbeans and it throwing lots of errors while running ( and that's trying to run it after it used to work and no changes have been made) so I made the switch to eclipse IDE and that's working out well. It's a little unfamiliar but the project runs fine

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Release 1.02

Download 1.02 Here
Release Notes:
  • single of the hundred(s) of fancy getters used for versioning in the About Box
  • changed the amount of customers to not increase dramatically per day
  • save and load functions using JFileChooser
  • added class "" (for use with JFileChooser)
  • added class "" (for use with upcoming updates)
  • fixed menubar, got rid of the layeredPane, and changed designed components to absolute placements (this step was possibly more trouble than it was worth)
  • I included in this download a shortcut: NOTE: YOU MUST CHANGE THE TARGET FOR IT TO BE USEFUL, I was hoping that it could be used so that you can stick the .jar and documentation in a folder hidden off somewhere and the shortcut be placed on the desktop or start menu, and if you know how to do that then great, but it must be targetted at the .jar file

Monday, October 10, 2011

Save and Loading Files

Saving and loading is now coded using JFileChooser and I'm happy to say it is far more advanced than any option dialog box I've ever made. It looks different since I'm using the Java look and feel but somewhat classy and elegant. It is intended to start in a saves directory which it creates upon saving and loading but if that doesn't happen, you should be able to navigate to whatever directory you want. I also added a new class to the package in this version, nothing too major, but it's useful in implementing the save and load. I hope to add more before the release of 1.02 on Friday, possibly images. It might run noticeably slower but I'd like to replace the about box terrible drawing of a lemon with a higher resolution and more realistic photo soon. That's all for now.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

(Early) Bug Release

Download here:
Release notes:    
     * ice melts
     * cheaper prices for some items
     * sales made today fixed
     * huge bug where every customer bought everytime fixed
     * forces you to not serve old lemonade

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Look into the Future

Expected features for next update: ice will melt at the end of every day (it's way too easy the without that), save/load data (includes recipe/money/supplies/etc.), provide a mediocre default recipe
Expected features for later: installer, .exe launcher, things to spend money on (upgrades, advertising, venues),  high score list, icons for supplies, display more stats and use graphs/charts, random events (like hurricanes, sugar going bad, lemons spoiling), some easter eggs like konami code :P
Expected features for much, much later: graphics, more pleasant and fun interface, FAQ, hints, online competitions, challenge mode

Friday, October 7, 2011

Initial Release!

Version 1.0 is complete!
Simply download here:
and open the file (hopefully you have java on your computer) to play. Comment your thoughts so far please.
Oops, I accidentally forgot to include the lib necessary to run the .jar
use this link instead:
then unzip and extract all, then you can open and play the jar file

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 3

 After high difficulties with the menuBar, I finally got it back, but the cost was a stupid panel within a panel...sorry. Code updates include the completion of the awesome purchase part of the program. Initial release is still expected for tomorrow :P
Also, it is my goal to have a minor updates weekly, probably every Saturday. Maybe if I'm feeling generous, then I'll release good recipes to use...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


For free online storage, try dropbox. I'm going to implement it for EZ Squeeze Empire alongside GBridge for maximum portability. Here is a refferal link: (which will give both of us additional storage)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 1

2156 .:. The number of lines in this project after one day of writing any code.

Today was spent mainly declaring, naming, and setting values to variables - which there are a lot of in this project. However I myself only physically made about 70 lines max. 600 were automatically generated for the UI. And the remaining were accidentally created when NetBeans asked me to fix something and I accepted without reading. Oops. Well now I have fabulous getters and setters for every single variable, including textfields, buttons, and MenuItems... oh yeah that's the other thing, I somehow lost my Menu... It was there, but now it isn't :[
We'll see if we can find it prior to release, which is expected for FRIDAY, the 7th.
So among todays accomplishments, the purchase screen is being set up. Now the choices from the JComboBox affects the amount and price, so next is the buy button.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Project

EZ Squeeze Empire is my new and latest project. It is a lemonade stand type game written in Java using the Swing library. Jeff Gough and myself, with the help of Netbeans, will try to have this available as soon as possible. Please feel free to follow, comment, and provide suggestions. Thanks :]

Coming Soon!

EZ Squeeze Empire is an upcoming collaborative project written in Java Swing. It is my first just-for-fun project. It looks like it will turn out pretty good. Jeff Gough and myself will have the first version out soon, we just have to get started... But anyways the UI is practically finished for the initial release, but no code has been written - Thank you NetBeans GUI creator :] Also Thank you to GBridge, a very useful tool for VPN because it offers file-sharing, chat, and desktop sharing through use of a Google Account. Please follow this project, any comments and suggestions are welcome and will be used as motivation.

UI to be used in initial release.