Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Newly Found Inspiration

School seems to have been the one thing I needed to convince me to begin programming more. With a TI-83+ calculator, I am currently teaching myself BASIC (at least the TI form) and making some pretty interesting programs. In a single day I have made quite a few programs already. One of which, you choose two numbers, it multiplies them, and increments (or decrements based on your choice) to infinity. Other battery killers are one that increments to infinity while clearing the screen after every number as soon as you post it (as a prank to put on anothers calculator and leaving it on all night), a screen saver (irony?) that draws patterns on a graph, and a random number game: pick a number between 1 and 10 and if you're right you win. To go with all these programs, I did however create one useful one. You put in the A, B, and C values and it spits out the 2 possible values from the quadratic formula - or if it is unreal, it tells you and returns the determinate. I hope to make many more and finally get the latest version of PhysicSim done soon.

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