Sunday, August 28, 2011

Physicsim Closed

"I might provide support if an issue is written and I am alerted of it, but I am done with development for this project and do not intend to write/upload any more code/files/documentation"

I'll leave this blog open for all intents and purposes, but for other project details see

Weighted Grade Calculator

Now available on the applications tab is a weighted grade calculator. It was extremely easy to make with the help of Netbeans GUI builder. I did actually have it available to download for quite some time now but the applet HTML tag was broken. Im glad to announce that it is now fixed. Feel free to use, download, share, and embed on other sites.

--Update 1/15/14
I'm not sure what happened to this application in the migration.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Getting a little confused in my code but working on r23.

very very frustrated with this program, attempting brute force, must sleep, try more tomorrow

making some slight progress, got the ball to move, now to reincorporate checks at ground level and for bounce

bounces, sometimes, able to choose where the ball goes but it sometimes wont reset at all, and seems as if it doesnt move at the right speed or bounce as it should (maybe a broken timer?) considering the end of this project....
still needs all the output speeds/numbers annnnnnnd too many bugs :/

Newly Found Inspiration

School seems to have been the one thing I needed to convince me to begin programming more. With a TI-83+ calculator, I am currently teaching myself BASIC (at least the TI form) and making some pretty interesting programs. In a single day I have made quite a few programs already. One of which, you choose two numbers, it multiplies them, and increments (or decrements based on your choice) to infinity. Other battery killers are one that increments to infinity while clearing the screen after every number as soon as you post it (as a prank to put on anothers calculator and leaving it on all night), a screen saver (irony?) that draws patterns on a graph, and a random number game: pick a number between 1 and 10 and if you're right you win. To go with all these programs, I did however create one useful one. You put in the A, B, and C values and it spits out the 2 possible values from the quadratic formula - or if it is unreal, it tells you and returns the determinate. I hope to make many more and finally get the latest version of PhysicSim done soon.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Java for IOS

Java has always been my choice drink and programming language of choice. So when I heard that apple refuses to allow integration of Java on their handheld devices, I was thoroughly upset. However, with a jailbroken device, I knew there must be some way, some get around. With a new motivation, Google at my fingertips, and a cup of freshly brewed joe, I searched and came across OpenJava -with their purpose being to reach low power devices. Then, I found what I was looking for. had the answer. However, the article and tutorial seemed a little outdated, but I managed. I opened up cydia and searched keyword:"java" and found nothing. Supposedly saurik had it in his source, so I scrolled through the source. Nothing. An inspiration suddenly flowed through my drink into me and caused an epiphany. I went to (cydia) Manage>Settings>Developer. Searched again for java and what do you know! There it was! So after installing JamVM, Java SQLite, Jikes, JocStrap, and everything that came with, I was overjoyed in the prospect of enhancing this touchscreen toy. I opened up the app that came with for java examples, and it failed to open...So I tried again...and again...and again...nothing. Realizing that developer setting means the apps are commandline tools, I opened Terminal - which has never worked for me previously. More research, more java, led me to, a repository with an updated MobileTerminal (should also be on the project site if you want to ssh into it), I replaced my old one and it worked! I wrote a simple HelloJava application, compiled it via Terminal (jikes -cp /usr/lib/rt.jar)and ran it (java HelloJava) and admitted success. :] Now for me to make some worthwhile programs for my iPod and hopefully see if a GUI is within JamVM's capabilities. The Java applications on cydia were supposed to bind Objective C and Java in a sense, but I'll see about that next time.